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February 06 2019


Generally, the concept of data access objects are similarly compared to the gateways but the reality is something else. Both the concepts are different from each other and quite opposite as well. So what are the things which differentiates themselves from each other  -

The difference between the data access object and gateway is this that the DAO are working towards the single data recording and manipulation but wherever gateway objects are used for the multiple data recording.

Another difference is this that the data access object declarations are quite easy. Only a single SQL statement is effective for manipulating the single data recording wherever the multiple data statements are necessary for declaring in the gateway objects.

There is no much need of amendments in the code of declaring the data access objects where the amendments of code is needed in much quantity while declaring the gateway objects. Sometimes the related code is also interchangeable due to interdependency.

The last and final difference is the use of CRUD statements in the declaration of the data access objects, wherever the multiple SQL statements are needed to declare the gateway objects.

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February 05 2019


How are the internet of things changing the information transmission ?

The already available knowledge in the form of information is not sufficient. So the speed of updating the information on the relevant websites is still increasing. As per according to the survey, since 2009, this rate increased at the rate of 65% annually. In 2007, the total information uploaded online was much more in the quantity than it could be stored.

It is also necessary to tell that in 2012, the information stored in the websites was much more than five times than 2007. In today’s era, more information is stored in the format of textual format but also in the form of the audio, podcasts and infographics as well. To deal with this data, it is itself a complex process.

It is remarkable to see that not only the availability of data is still increasing but also the access rate of that data is also increasing. As per according to the internet web stats, the total internet population is approximately 75%. In the developed economies, the internet and its data penetration power is much higher than the developing economies.

Today a new trend is coming to the modern era that the data and information being generated by the internet of things is much more than a human created content. The devices like - Cortana, Siri, Alexa are revolutionizing the content transmission to the people. It is estimated that the information retrieval will be much more easy through these devices rather than human written content.

In this era of information bloat, the biggest need to find the relevant data is still there in organizations to make an effective decision making. To miss the relevant data will give the invitation to the missed growth opportunities. So the importance of real time information is still increasing.  

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October 20 2018


university management software

EntertainCo is an Australia based company whose parent company is Elimited. It was found in 1954 which was the largest media company in Australia. Elimited deals in operating cinema theaters, film and music distribution, film license distribution etc. Elimited company employed more than 5000 employees and had 5 business branches in whole of Australia.

Elimited company had its own erp as FMS ( finance management system ) which was not able to provide the whole financial data storage capacities for all the business branches of Australia. SO then they decided to implement the erp software given by SAP.

Why did the EntertainCo implement the SAP erp software ?  

In 2001, company decided to automate the financial operations. They decided to implement the erp software in other following directions like - material, sales, warehouse, HR and CRM as well. In addition to that they also created the new module IPM which was related to intellectual properties of organization.

The IPM module worked very greatly for the company like - it helped in contracts of film distributions and it also recorded the royalty payments to the films.This module was created to solve the redundancy problem of the existing legacy systems in Elimited.

Benefits -

  • Establishing common goals among staff members

  • improved quality of work life

  • standard user interface

  • improved shared services among the business units

  • better reporting and auditing

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October 08 2018


what are the security approaches should be applied by the administrators while using the ERP software ?

Today ERP system and software has three layer of interfaces -

  • network layer

  • presentation layer

  • application layer

Security problems exist in every face of the ERP software like - entry in business processes, internal interfaces and internal database. The security problem will persist in those scenarios where different business components will interact with each other and the client and customers will interact with the whole system. In those scenarios, a small error can be lethally fatal.

Security approaches to the organization -

  • New security policies should be easily defined and maintained by the organization time to time.

  • Accessing/denying permission to users carefully by the administrators

  • To perform the user authentication properly for the new and old regular users

  • Task performing privileges should be done properly by the certain users or roles

  • The user is granted access as per according to the authorization rules

  • Timely verification is necessary for to access the relevant sources

  • Properly logging and tracing of the relevant events  

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What is the cost and pros of the SaaS based model ?

There are pros and cons of almost everything in this world. ERP industry is also not deprived from it. In this post we will try to figure it out that what kind of cons and risks are associated with the purchase of SAAS software -

  • When an ERP software has been purchased from a selected vendor by any business  - large or small, there are some upfront licensing fees attached with the software. There are other type of software costs like - implementation and configuration costs are also attached with it. It takes enormous capital, money and finance to take the implementation of erp software.


  • The other risk factor associated with the purchase of new ERP software is the ongoing operating cost for an organization. Because of the ERP software cost is based upon the “pay as you go” model, so it is obvious tat how much an organization will grow, the modular cost of the software will also increase.


  • Many companies still have strange fear from the network breach which can become a significant cause of the loss of sensitive data. This is a very strange problem. So companies require a great focus on the data security and vulnerability assessment. This requires a great bit of investment.


  • Though a great success level of an ERP software in an organization, it requires proper erp software integration in the back office administration. It has a great deal of investment and it brings a  new set of challenges with it.

Integration and implementation of the new ERP software sounds like a great deal of investment and with full of challenges because in real it is. To make a successful lead from the ERP software, it is needed for the top level management to take it not only as a project, but as a business so that a business can feel a great deal of revenue potential and earning capacity.

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July 14 2018


campus automation software

2018 is the year of the cloud technology which can transform the ways of people for doing the businesses. Customers are expecting to get more benefits from the analytics capabilities of a cloud ERP software.

Today ERP vendors should have the visibility control on the ERP software and they should have the control on the complete project life cycle phases, so that it can be understood that where the project is going risky or over budgeted.

To develop artificial intelligence in the organization, companies should adopt the strategy of feedback loop so that after learning from the mistakes, incremental changes can be performed easily. It helps in cutting the financial and accounting costs.

Some big ERP vendors also develop the applications and advanced analytics But it is applicable only in the specific business areas. Most businesses are not even ready to invest in this sector. So it can be said that the business future of these big ERP vendors is in danger.

In big businesses, there is a CPM system (corporate performance management system) to manage the complex ledgers and accounting systems so ERP vendors have the need to develop these CPM systems to remove the accounting complexities.   

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July 13 2018


wooden cabinet with drawers

What are the new initiatives for artisans in India ?

  • In 2016, Indian Government identified more than 20 lakh handicraft artisans and they issued these cards to the artisans. All type of union and state territories are connected to this initiative.

  • For income stability and enhancement of the artisans, Indian Government identified the 20 necessary handicraft clusters. In addition to this, handicraft commissioner have also signed the MOU with the Punjab National Bank to provide the Mudr Loan.

  • Pushtaini hunar vikas yojana was implemented in 2017 to provide training about carpet weaving to the handicraft artisans.

  • In NCR region, Indian Government has issued 100 industrial garment machines to each Garment factory and they have also issued 18 crores to each of the center to provide more than 1000 direct employment for the artisans.

  • Up to december 2017, the export of about 25000 crore INR was performed and more than 200 crore rupees were invested on the promotion of export initiatives because of this is direct source of handicrafts. Hope you have liked this post ! Thanks for reading the post !  

May 30 2018


university ERP

LITEROM provides comprehensive solutions that address varied IT requirements. LITEROM is offered as a single service, allowing you to leverage the solution’s true potential. LITEROM ensures integration of all processes along with ease of use. LITEROM promises:

  • High performance in normal broadband;
  • Stringent security and data privacy ;
  • Guaranteed availability (99 per cent uptime);
  • Disaster recovery;
  • Reduced need for IT staff.

LITEROM, therefore, manages your processes while you use the software.


The handicraft sector has a different sector in all the countries. In the world, tourism industry also affects the international handicraft market. Generally the overall monthly income of a handicraft worker is generally considered as  the worth of between 150 to 500 dollars. In Columbia there are more than 10 lakh people directly affected from the handicraft and tourism industry.

The popularity of the handicraft industry is because of this traditional work has no requirement of big investment and infrastructure needs. This sector is completely dependent on the skillset of the artisans and raw materials. Many peasants families and pastorians are dependent on the handicraft partially on their living standards.

Handicraft production is totally dependent on the growth of the tourism industry and it also totally affects the demand and supply chain. Smaller enterprises are totally affected by the price and demand value of the handicrafts. There is no political mind in developing the handicraft industry.

Economic growth is also very necessary for our country because only this is the thing which can work against the poverty and make a balance in the economic cycle. Handicraft play a major role in it. It can create the large quantity of employment to the millions of people because most of people still lives in a middle class environment. The handicraft sector development can create the gates of employment for many unemployed youth.

by - Dreamteam Technologies -a college ERP development company

May 14 2018


salient features of inventory management

Stock (Inventory Management) Salient Features • Stock setting from where we can manage store settings ,member and the GRN format • Manage units and unit types • Maintain issue heads • Maintain stock items main category and sub category wise • Stock management which is divided in five point of sale, store, mess , library, medical store REPORTS: STORE REPORTS: Each report is criteria based, i.e., Main Category, Sub Category, Selective Month, Date etc • Item move details category and date wise • Indent register (sale) details date wise • Items pending report against indent (sale) details date wise • Purchase report details • Consolidated purchase details with in a specific date parameter • GRN register details date wise • GRN against PO register details date wise • Stock status details category ,subcategory and date wise • Stock register details item wise • Stock register details category wise • Consolidated issue details • Item stock status details • Demand register details • Item wise consumption register details • Item wise verification details • Miscellaneous expenditure details • Consolidated miscellaneous expenditure details

May 09 2018


university ERP

Hostel Management Salient features -

• Manage the hostel settings as laundry charge method, laundry charge system and set default amount for per wash and per cloths

• Maintain the master data which covers Hostel facility, Hostels & Room Category and Rooms & Beds

• Manage all the allotments like Allot Students, Allot Warden and Allotment of Laundryman

• Maintain and manage the transactions like allotment/transaction of bed or room status


• List hostel details in the school

• Room category details in hostels

• Rooms details in hostels

• Bed details in hostels

• Current status details in hostels

• Bed transactions details in hostels

• Warden details in hostels ABOUT STUDENTS

• Detailed students list in a hostel

• List student’s bed transaction

• List student’s laundry transaction

• List student’s leave transaction

November 17 2017


Indian Crafts as solid wood furniture online

Established in the year 2000, Indian Crafts, are a reputed manufacturer, supplier, trader and exporter of solid wood furniture Items. All our products are crafted with utmost precision and perfection owing to which these display elegance, optimum creativity and excellent work of craftsmanship. The attractive appearance and enthralling designs of our products like - wooden cabinet with drawers make widely used in various hotels, offices, homes and other establishments for enhancing the overall looks of the interior. Our offered products are extensively used by the customers for gifting purposes to near and dear ones.

A state-of-the-art infrastructure is developed by us for having streamlined production as well as post-production of offered range. The infrastructure of our firm is armed with all the requisite technology and resources that are required by the craftsmen and other experts for completing their assigned tasks with perfection. Further, all the finished products are kept by us in a secure manner at the spacious warehousing unit. Linked with major transportation network, our warehousing unit supports the logistic team in providing scheduled delivery of orders at the patrons' destination. All our experts implement their innovative skills and knowledge to bring forth a commendable array for clients. Due to all these attributes, we have gained the trust of numerous patrons, based in different nooks and corners of U.K., Italy, South Africa, Sultanate of Oman, France, Switzerland, Germany and many other nations & continents.

All of our operations are headed by our manager, 'Mr. Gaurav Kumar Jain', who has played a remarkable role in the tremendous growth and success of the firm. His ethical business policies, detailed industry knowledge, fascinating trade decisions and proficient managerial skills have helped us acquire a widespread clients-base in domestic as well as international market.

We are a reputed enterprise, engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a plethora of, to name a few. All our products are crafted using completely eco-friendly material in a perfect blend of traditional and western design. Designed for optimum perfection, these products are carefully crafted in tandem with the specifications detailed by the valuable patrons. Further, patrons can avail our entire array in different standard sizes, designs and colors as well as in customized forms in sync with their preferences.   Features:  

November 11 2017


Dreamteam as a school management software

Dreamteam technologies is a well renown name in the field of school management software development company which also provides web development, web designing, website promotion, web applications development company which is working towards fulfilling their mission to complete all the day to day routine activities of the schools, colleges, universities, institute campus. The company is working in this direction from more than last 10 years.

LITEROM is a multipurpose university ERP automation management system which is designed by the Dreamteam technologies to fulfill the multipurpose operations in not only the colleges, universities and institutes but also the workflow management for the businesses and corporate houses as well.

This software solves all the data and information retrieval problems regarding the educational institutes with its originality, versatile features, multi featured abilities which make it different from the other ERP software available worldwide. It is an open source school automated system, which also solves the data handling for the admission, exams, hostel, transport facilities and library management etc.

As a university ERP automation management system it provides the following benefits -

·         Student management system

·         Attendance handling

·         Examination arrangements

·         Event management

·         Hostel and transport management     

·         Registration and Enrollment handling

·         Fee and Finance handling

The overall objective of the LITEROM enterprise management system is that it can provide the robustness and flexibility in performing day to day online transactions and operations. The overall system is very reliable and the overall data is collected in the system by using different data modules.

This system is very reliable and ensures a guaranteed data collection in different modules. It is a real campus automation system designed for making school management system paperless and more automation oriented.

Conclusion -

Schools, colleges and universities have also evolved their system by changing and modifying the continuous change of cycle. Therefore all institutes have different processes and systems, even in the similar segment. Many universities and colleges don’t accept ERP because they consider this software to use very difficult. But LITEROM is still one of the easiest software that anyone can learn it within 10 minutes if he has good Internet, English punctuation and email handling skills.


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