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salient features of inventory management

Stock (Inventory Management) Salient Features • Stock setting from where we can manage store settings ,member and the GRN format • Manage units and unit types • Maintain issue heads • Maintain stock items main category and sub category wise • Stock management which is divided in five point of sale, store, mess , library, medical store REPORTS: STORE REPORTS: Each report is criteria based, i.e., Main Category, Sub Category, Selective Month, Date etc • Item move details category and date wise • Indent register (sale) details date wise • Items pending report against indent (sale) details date wise • Purchase report details • Consolidated purchase details with in a specific date parameter • GRN register details date wise • GRN against PO register details date wise • Stock status details category ,subcategory and date wise • Stock register details item wise • Stock register details category wise • Consolidated issue details • Item stock status details • Demand register details • Item wise consumption register details • Item wise verification details • Miscellaneous expenditure details • Consolidated miscellaneous expenditure details

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